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May 17, 2017
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May 19, 2017
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Lean Deployment Plan - (A3-VSM-LMT and P&L)

In preparation for 2017, many companies are developing their Lean and Kaizen Plan.

I will now describe the mechanism in general for that purpose.

First: The present and future VSM must be created (however in companies that have already started, they should update the present VSM and check if the future VSM will meet its objectives). Identify the areas of opportunity and kaizen that are going to be realized. I strongly recommend that all VS be reviewed.

Second: Update, (based on the current VSM), the LMT Lean Maturity Tracker, which is the way, as many companies measure their progress in Lean.

Third: Review progress based on P & L and Cash Flow sheet; basically this is how to measure the effectiveness of Lean activities. Identifying the areas of opportunity, these should be compared, with opportunities for improvement in the VSM and obviously should be in sync, in case they are not should review the VSM again and find ways to improve.

Fourth: Update or create the strategic A3, for 2017, where the LMT, the Gap between VSM present - future, last year's reflection (which, went well and went wrong) and the Kaizen Plan with date and owners, Must be reflected. My personal advice is that in that plan we consider a Kaizen event at least a month, continuity and practice makes it all the difference.

This mechanism applies in both cases, whether you are about to start with Lean or are in the process, the path of continuous improvement never ends.

I hope I have summarized this article in a way that can be easily understood. And mainly, to be of help and / or guide in its preparation for 2017.

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